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The World of Elleron

Elleron as you know it is one recovering from a war that ravaged its lands. The last Elven power in Vinyamithl met in a fierce battle with the Dwarfish Kingdom of Urin in the lands now known as the Pale Waste. The battle was fierce, but t’was the end of King Oron’s short reign as his elven forces met their end on the field of battle. It was not though, without casualties on the dwarven side as well, a once proud people now all but servants to Vepaz, an elemental creature of immeasurable power. There is no longer a King in the Dwarven halls of Urin either, but a visage of Vepaz himself sits upon the throne in honor of his great victory.

The Pale desert, once a beautiful forest, now lays destroyed with marks of war and inhabited by remnants of evil spirits. The lands are mostly impassable, Brave adventures nor military forces have dared venture into the land of the dead.

But perhaps, we’re getting just a little ahead of ourselves hmm?

An unexplained blight has made fresh water an extremely valuable resource. As such, the majority of the major cities rest on, or around rivers and ports. This water must be cleaned and blessed before it is able to be exported which makes the purifying business nearly as plentiful as carvan patrol. It goes without saying that due to the need for clean water, many bandits have taken to popular travel paths. Many Inns, bars, and brothels have cropped up along the safer regions, though many are in control, or protected by bandit parties. It is unknown what causes this blight, or in particular what prolonged exposure to non-purified water has on the body outside of the most obvious which is in increase in aggressive tendencies amongst blighted individuals.

The world itself is covered in large part by various forests in the north separated by either strips of deforestation (for natural borders and the like) or simply natural borders that grew with time. A large mountain range makes of the southernmost lands, home of the proud dragonborn, but also the more dreaded and disgusting races of the underdark. The middle of Elleron is mostly mountains that drop the surrounding lands into deserts inhabited by the strong really. The far eastern lands hold the largest concentration of water, but being so far from the western home of religion has made the eastern lands a strange place. Much more superstition exists there, and much of the bad events that surround that area are blamed on the Tiefling.

Our adventure starts in the west though my friends, just outside the Hallowed City of Colwy, the birth place of Elros, worshiped by Cleric and Paladin alike. The common man is not allowed inside the hallowed city, unless pledging themselves to the service of the lord. Of course, no city can simply fund itself through worship, so the common man works and generates wealth in the nearby purifying city of Caford.

Caford’s residents mostly work day and night purifying water by the barrel full, a very slow process that is constantly being worked on to be improved all around the world of Elleron. Due to it’s proximity to the hallowed city, there is also a large military force, and as such the city seems to grow with each passing day due to the relative safety of the location. As a general landing spot for adventurers traveling east, it is also largely inhabited by inns with men and women of every race and creed looking for work. The city itself is poor outside of the small region of territory that leads up towards the hallowed city. The wealthy maintain this nearly gated city inside a city, often referred to as Caford Proper. (Also called Human Caford as the majority of wealth rests within their hands.)

GM’s Word: Elleron is played using the DnD 5e system, the world and story is my own creation. All races and classes exist in the licensed Wizards of the Coast material, though racial backgrounds and some class mannerisms and restrictions have been modified to fit this campaign.

Session 1 ran March 17th 2016.

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